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This service provides you the opportunity to cut your own tracks on pure vinyl.
In a genuis process a groove is cutted with +3db to +6db. The music is copied 1:1 from the source (CD, Mp3, ...) to the record.

For each side there are 12min recording time available. The quality depends on the quality of your source. we provide volume leveling and equalizing in order to remaster the tracks for vinyl use.

Using specific blanks and an unique cutting diamond the "vinyl dub plates"
are of unlimited durability and can compete with pressed vinyl. Relying on long-year experience of our customers and tests, no sound losses concerning the volume and quality occur - even if the record has been played a hundred times .
Ideal for producers prefering single recordings to a mass-production at a press department. We produce also small series up to 30 recordings.

You get full guarantee against "vinyl jumping". In General no errors occur if using not more than 12min. "Vinyl jumping" often can be traced back to inferior equipment of the customer.

Dos and Donts

  • Don't use special stereo effects

  • Don't use intensive chorus/phaser at bass (low) frequency

  • Frequences <20HZ and >18000kHz can not be transferd to vinyl.

  • Try to stick to a constant volume level of your recording.

  • Use de-essers for vocals and ess.

  • Due to compression mp3 files are not of same aulity as *.wav.

  • If using mp3 files use a compression of 256kbit/sec. CDs should be clear and free of scratches. Leave your contact details in case of requests.

--> That's It. To put it in a nut shell: "The vinyl recording quality depends 100% on the quality of your source files.

Playing Time

Using the following playing time, best quality of the record ist guaranteed.
Especially in case of recording clubtracks you should not exceed the following times. Using more playing time is at your own. As the acoustic pressure decreases, problems can occur mixing the records with pressed vinyl.

12" 8min 12min
10" 6min 9min
7" 4min 5min

--> Contact us in case of questions and suggestions!

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